When we get a new car, we’re usually very careful with it. We try to treat it like a baby even if it’s kind of hard to actually do so. However, there are times when we just want to pimp it up to reflect our own personal style.

After all, we spent so much money on it already, the least we could do is for it to really look like something we want. Still, this means, we’ll be voiding the warranty that new cars have. And warranties are very important, especially if your car is just a few weeks old. Luckily, you can modify a new car without voiding the warranty through one particular way.

If you’re in the market for a new car and you want to personalize it, then get a car that comes in special-edition variants. Try to talk to your dealer to customize it for you. At least, when they do the customization for you, the warranty seal is still in tact. You won’t void any regulations and it will look like something that you really want.

Truly, you’ll get the best out of both worlds with this way! Keep in mind, a modification won't void a warranty unless an automaker or a dealer can prove that an aftermarket part caused the need for repairs. In other words, your warranty will still be valid when your radiator springs a leak, even if you've added an aftermarket exhaust.

Most car lovers or enthusiasts will tell you that a stock car is never enough and there’s always room for improvement, depending on what you’re aiming for. The local motoring scene is a bustling avenue for aftermarket services and a wide selection of products ranging from simple OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts to replacement and performance parts that involve modifying your factory-built vehicle in hopes of making it better.

Always make sure to mind your vehicle’s warranty. This is the most important thing to consider for obvious reasons, though it hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from tweaking their rides even during the warranty period. Note that warranties are divided into segments involving electrical/electronic aspects and mechanical components of the vehicle.

If you change your halogen bulbs to HID, the manufacturer will usually void your electrical warranty. When you slap a turbo onto your naturally aspirated engine, it would nullify your mechanical warranty.